Live presentation: April 20, 2023 10am PST

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We are all made of stories. Period. This educational session brings to the forefront the power of words: the significance of your story, the power of the way your providers have explained your pain, and the ways that you narrate your experiences.

Words are transformed by the brain into knowledge, opinions, thoughts, emotion, and even danger signals. They become neurological events. Carefully delivered words and stories can activate the “feel good” (dopamine reward and pain relieving) center in the brain. The wrong words could have the opposite effect, resulting in distress, fear, and ultimately contributing to a negative cycle of chronic pain. Through this education, you will gain a framework for understanding your unique chronic pain story, the language you use, and the ideas you’ve been given from well-intentioned providers over the years. Through models of understanding and thought-provoking prompts, this session offers the education needed to rephrase your inner monologue about your pain, shift your beliefs to the bigger picture, and mold your words to reflect a more neutral narrative around your pain.

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