Live presentation: June 8, 2023 10am PST

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In the modern world, our stress response doesn’t get a chance to complete its cycle and turn off. We know that stress turns up the dial on pain through shallow breathing, tense muscles, reduced blood flow, unhelpful thoughts, and worry. We also know that, with the constant threat of pain, our nervous system becomes overprotective, activating the fight or flight response in a chronic way. This special 90-minute educational session will explore the role of psychophysiology and how to use this knowledge to both regulate your nervous system in the moment, and retrain your nervous system’s response to pain long-term.

Topics include:

• The fight-or-flight response

• The role of stress with pain

• How to identify your modern stressors

• Accessible pain neuroscience

• Education around 3 easy-to-use psychophysiological strategies

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