Live presentation: May 18, 2023 10am PST

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Decades of research have shown that negative thought patterns can have a profound effect on our emotional and physical well-being. Our brain has a “negativity bias”, or a tendency to pay attention to and focus on the negative things that occur, often causing us to think or ruminate about them long after they’ve happened. This is based on an evolutionary need to protect us so that we can survive.

The problem? The way we think can affect how we feel. How we perceive an experience, a situation, or even our day-to-day life can play out in our bodies. Pain catastrophizing, in particular, is a common thinking pattern that occurs with chronic pain and has been found to be a robust contributing factor for pain intensity and distress. This educational session focuses on the common coping responses of people in pain, how this impacts mood and behavior, and the benefits of neutralizing unhelpful automatic thoughts.

Topics include:

• Education around the three main types of unhelpful cognitions with chronic pain

• Accessible neuroscience connecting the way we think with the way we feel in our bodies

• Strategies for identifying and challenging negative thoughts that fuel a negative pain cycle

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